Saunders environmental commitment features over 100 corporate-wide sustainability initiatives including hybrid cars, non-toxic cleaning products and energy-efficient windows.


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Pioneering Environmental Commitment

The New York Times

The year was 1989 when Saunders Hotel Group made a simple choice.
Without any recycling programs in Boston, the company's three hotels found a way to recycle thousands of telephone books.
It was a small decision but one that would lead to many innovations and SHG becoming recognized as a trailblazer in the corporate sustainability movement. More environmentally sound steps soon followed, like replacing millions of individual bottles of shampoo and soap with handsome dispensers in each room - and switching to healthy cleaning products that improved indoor air quality.
Nothing was forced. 
SHG's approach to becoming as environmentally responsible as possible was based on the family's genuine dedication to its guests, co-workers and communities. Each day we try to live up to our motto “Serving You and Our Environment”.
Since 1989, each hotel has aggressively forged its own path towards being a sustainable business. As a result, it has had a ripple effect not only for our team and our guests but throughout the world's largest service industry – travel and tourism.
We made a decision to do this for one reason – because it's the right thing to do – not just for our families but for everyone
And it's paid off.
More than 100 corporate-wide sustainability initiatives have blossomed from that first piece of recycled paper 22 years ago, including hybrid cars, waterless urinals, state of the art windows, and ozone laundry systems
In response to our dramatically reduced environmental footprint, SHG has received unprecedented notoriety, goodwill and new business. Our company has also saved millions of dollars through implementing these green practices - proving that companies can “do well by doing good”.

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